Trimbach, Riesling, Alsace, France, 2017


Maison Trimbach was founded in 1626. For perspective, that was the year King Charles I dissolved parliament, Peter Minuit bought Manhattan from a Native American Tribe for the equivalent of $24, Francis Bacon died and of course (how could we forget?) it was the birth year of the one and only Cornelis Van Caukercken, the famous Flemish engraver and print-seller (no, we haven’t heard of him either, but Wikipedia has). The Alsace is arguably the home of Riesling and if it isn’t, it sure is considered to produce the best Riesling. The winery itself is now on its 13th generation of family owner and is situated in the heart of Ribeauville which is also considered the best of the best.


Lime zest. Fennel. Honey. White peaches.


Citrus. Peach. Lemon zest. Crisp and minerally with a bit of richness.