Tournee du Sud, Pinot Noir, Pays d'Oc, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, 2019


100% sunshine Pinot Noir from the south of France, what's not to like. 

Vintage 2019 marks a return to a more Mediterranean profile than the previous year. There was less rain than in 2018; the rain fell mainly in autumn and winter, with a marked absence during the summer which experienced a series of heatwaves. Managing the water levels was a key issue in the vineyards. The vines were in excellent health at harvest and the grapes reached good levels of maturity.

The fruit is sourced from carefully selected vineyards in the Pays d’Oc. The Pays d’Oc area has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters, with the majority of rainfall occurring during the spring and autumn. Dry, continental winds from the north west bring cooling influences to the vineyards, which help to reduce disease pressure. This wind is interspersed with warm winds from the south, which bring moisture to the vines. Each vineyard site has its own terroir characteristics which add subtle complexity to the resulting wine.

The grapes were fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks to preserve the purity of fruit.

Tasting Notes:

At a fraction of the price of Burgundy, this is a stylish, youthful and becoming Pinot Noir, medium-bodied, full of berry and cherry flavours, elegant, graceful and moreish. A lovely quaffing wine.