Three Choirs Estate, Coleridge Hill Reserve, Gloucestershire, England


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Yep, you read that right. Gloucestershire. And this wine has been a staple on our lists for quite some time now. Made from a blend of Phoenix, Madeleine Angevine, Seyval Blanc & Orion – varieties well-suited to our weather. Hardy, yet delicate. If you are a fan of Alsace wines, we reckon you’ll love this. 


Elderflower. Nettle tea. Grapefruit. Lime. Hedgerow.


Elderflower. Pear. Green apple. Crisp.


What George says about this wine... 

"A beautiful wine Estate set in the rural countryside of Gloucestershire, which I have had an opportunity to visit four times. The Chop Houses have a long standing relationship with the estate, as we are a great supporters of The Best of British. We actually serve this by the glass in our restaurant.

A blend of Phoenix, Madeline Angevine, Seyval Blanc and Orion, gives the wine good and well balanced crisp acidity, fruitiness and freshness. 

Perfect on its own, with fish dishes, and a must try with scallops. "

ABV - 11%