Thelema Mountain Winery, Merlot, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2017


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Holy Moly! When we tried this for the first time, it didn’t touch the sides. Bordeauxesque Merlot from the southern Hemisphere. Am absolutely gorgeous drop from South Africa’s premier wine region. Harvested from the highest vineyards in Stellenbosch which give the wine a fantastic structure and aged for 18 months in huge oak barrels to soften the impact of the tannins, this is one seriously well put together wine that should get chins wagging. We are jealous that we can’t share it with you.


Pure, ripe fruit aromas of plum and blackberry. Fresh. Herbal. Hint of menthol. Dark chocolate.


Again, purity of flavour. All of those dark fruits. Dark chocolate. Espresso but lively. Lots of well-integrated tannins and acidity. Rich and elegant. This would give a Pomerol a run for its money.