The Chop House Christmas Cheese Board (Serves 4+)


Our Cheese Board

For many Christmas Dinner isn't complete without a cheese board and glass of port to finish.

This board is a celebration of the amazing cheeses from the North West of England. As a region, we are most famous for the Lancashire style. And this board demonstrates three superb examples of Lancashire cheeses: a soft white cheese; a buttery tasty Lancashire and a blue Lancashire.

Our cheese supplier The Crafty Cheese Man is someone with a CV to be envied. A man who sits on International cheese competition judging panels. What he doesn't know about cheese isn't worth knowing. 

"As a style, Lancashire is my favourite British cheese. It's got it all, depth of flavour, diversity, richness, creaminess, it melts beautifully, it's the whole package."

This board is a celebration of the incredible North West cheese scene and perfect for after your Christmas Dinner.

Tuck in to over half a kilo of cheese!

Garstang White - 225g

Garstang White is made with rich and creamy Jersey milk and then mould ripened like a classic brie. It is buttery, smooth and rich and finishes with a slight earthy, almost mushroomy note. This cheese needs time out of the fridge to really soften and to allow those flavours to come out. Eaten too soon after being in the
fridge and it will be mild and unremarkable, but allowed to come up to room temperature it is something truly special. Complex, creamy, rich and a little nutty. Who needs brie when you’ve got Garstang White? This is a cheese which also cooks beautifully. Try baking like camembert with pecan nuts and maple syrup...woof!

JJ Sandham's Tasty Lancashire - 200g

A delicious example of a classic tasty Lancashire. This is from the same creamery that makes the iconic Lancashire Black Bomb cheese. But this cheese is on another level. Tasty Lancashire is made using the traditional two-day curd method and then aged for around 12 months to develop the depth of flavour. The ageing also leads to a more open and slightly crumbly texture. It is salty and buttery with a delicious mature tang. Another beautiful cooking cheese, as a melter for cheese on toast, brown onion soup or a proper toasty, this would work wonders.

Garstang Blue - 125g

Lancashire’s answer to blue cheese, Garstang Blue is a combination of a smooth creamy multi-day curd Lancashire cheese with a tangy blue kick. One of the most "approachable" blue cheeses you will ever come across. If you are trying to convert someone who doesn't like blue, this is the cheese for you. It is matured for up to 12 weeks so the blue flavour is nicely developed but not overpowering. Delicious in a blue cheese sauce and PERFECT on a cheese board.

Artisan cheese biscuits

Homemade spiced tomato chutney from Beehive Foods

Milk, gluten, mustard, celery