Tenute Orestiati, Frappato, Sicilia DOC, Italy, 2018


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Frappato – on mainland Italy you never, or at least very rarely see this variety but it is one of the babes of the island of Sicilia. Blended with a Nero D’Avola, it is actually one of the grapes that goes into one of Sicily’s premier wines; Cerasuolo di Vittoria. The grape itself is actually a distant cousin (via crossing of varieties) of the famed Sangiovese and, upon knowing that, the likenesses are there. It tends to produce a lighter (in body & colour) style of red but here, due to slightly richer soils, we have a slightly richer and deeper wine. Vine grown at 200m above sea level and then aged for 8-10 months in French and USA oak, this is a lovely wine from a truly gorgeous winery – producers of Nick’s favourite white wine of 2020 no less. 

Nose Shiny red colour with purple hues. Floral. Lots of red fruits. Raspberry, strawberry. Hint of grape, actually. Dark chocolate and minerality. Clove, cedar and vanilla. Palate Soft, balanced, lively, velvety and with a great finish. All of the above plus a plummy mouth feel. Delicious. Vitamin D wine