Tarka Dhal Pie with Curry Spiced Sweet Potatoes & Gherkin Ketchup

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Curry is about as British as it gets! We love it. So there is absolutely no shame in us heralding this as a Manchester made masterPIEce.

And with pastry made with chia seeds and oil it is 100% vegan and full of nutrients and health benefits.

The Pie

The vegan Tarka Dhal pie from Beehive Foods is made right here in Manchester with lentils, onions and curry spices which are toasted to bring out the flavour and balance the heat. The pastry combines groud chia seeds and curry spices. It's a proper Northern mouthful and packed with flavour.

The Curry Spiced Sweet Potato

We create our very own curry seasoning blend by toasting whole spices and grinding them into a powder. This spice mix is dusted over slices of sweet potato. The slices are then sauteed with homemade flavor bombs, our sweet & sour cherry tomatoes with ginger, chilli & pink peppercorns.

Fresh spinach is added at the last minute so that the residual heat from the pan begins to wilt it.

The Gherkin Ketchup

Our homemade gherkin ketchup is the perfect accompaniment to this spiced dish. Sweet with beautifully balanced acidity. Lip-smacking delicious.

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