Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Spring Vegetables & Homemade Tomato Sauce

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Another vegan dish made using fresh, British vegetables. Light, colourful and packed with flavour.

The Dumplings

The gnocchi is handmade using sweet potato rather than white potatoes. This provides a sweeter flavour and delicate, light texture. The gnocchi is gently toasted after blanching for texture and to give a gentle nutty flavour.

The Tomato Sauce

We use British cherry tomatoes and roast them off in the oven. This balances out the natural acidity and brings a beautiful depth of flavour. We add fresh local basil, finely chopped shallots and garlic.

The Seasonal Vegetables

Our vegetables are all sourced from British farmers. We use sugar snap peas, courgette, broad beans and fresh plum tomatoes.

A celebration of Bristish vegetables. If the eyes eat first, they get their fill with this dish.

Mustard, gluten

Ascheri, Montalupa Viognier, Piedmont, Italy, 2007


Melon. Orchard stone fruits. White flowers. Ginger.


Peach. Honey. Buttery. Herbal. Classy.


Chenin Blanc, Old Vines Reserve, Ken Forrester Wines, South Africa, 2018

"In 2016 I was sitting with a friend of mine having an Al Fresco lunch at Ken Forrester's 96, Winery Road Restaurant, enjoying his fabulous beautifully chilled Chenin Blanc which was round and full bodied, complex with tropical fruit and vanilla notes. A truly beautiful summery wine."