SOUTH OF ITALY Wine & Cheese Tasting: Saturday 24th October at 7:30pm - (3 Full Bottles - To Share)


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The price includes 3 x full bottles of lesser known wine varieties from the spectacular sun-soaked South of Italy and 3 x portions of British cheesetasting notes and access to our exclusive zoom tasting event. It is designed to be shared between at least two people.

Fear not folks - the Camorra haven't infiltrated Chop House HQ, it's still lil' old Nick and George. And we thought we'd have a nosey at Southern Italy and some of their lesser known varieties. Blessed with incredible soil which varies massively across the south (think volcanic near Naples and mineral rich Puglia) as well as glorious sunshine, endless olive groves and lemon trees...pardon us while we drift off into a day-dream!
Anyway, we love looking at the lesser known regions and grapes around the world as we sniff out some great value wines that aren't necessarily on everyone's radar. Here we have 1 white and 2 reds which we think demonstrate that eternal quest rather well. So why not join us as we dream of summer 2021 but also give you some warming additions to your red repertoire. 

At the Chop Houses we are blessed with the expertise of Manchester's Top Sommelier Mr George Bergier and his protégé Mr Nick Fildes. As well as the city's best wine list. As recognised by our unprecedented 4 Wine Spectator Awards and The Guardian.

It seems a shame to keep that talent and quality locked away.

Our virtual tastings give you the chance to sample beautiful, award-winning & rare wines, guided by George & Nick and their industry leading palates. The experience is intimate, fun and unique. You get the chance to engage with some incredible produce and some incredible talent.

This is not just some wine & some cheese.

Each wine is a truly beautiful example. From some of the world's most esteemed producers and regions. Variety is the spice of life, and this range of wines embodies this.

Your order will be delivered a day before the event. 

Make sure you refrigerate your whites, leave your reds in a cool room (18/19 degrees is ideal) and take the cheese out of the fridge at least 2/3 house before the event.

Candido, Tenuta Marini Fiano, Puglia

Botromagno, Nero di Troia, Campania 

Centatiempo, Vini Ischia, Per E' Palummo, Ischia

You will also be provided with a selection of stunning cheeses to match, hand selected by The Crafty Cheese Man - our charismatic expert. Who has spent his career in cheese, starting as a maker with Mrs Kirkham's before moving to run the cheese counter at Booth's. What Jonathan doesn't know about cheese, especially British cheese, isn't worth knowing.