Prestwich Gin


A smooth balanced gin, that on the nose delivers a floral bouquet followed by a juniper and citrus freshness. On the palate we have a dry juniper taste balanced with zesty grapefruit and orange with the added delicate floral flavours of Lavender and Rose and the subtle heat of Cardamom.

And it's from Manchester, so it tastes even better of course.

This is proper stuff. For proper gin lovers. 

The Prestwich Gin Story - Jack Scargill (The Horse's Mouth)

About 12 months ago, with my Dad (Mike) approaching retirement, we talked about what he’d do with all of his spare time and after a few more G&Ts...

The idea struck. We invested in a copper still and developed the recipe in our kitchens throughout the spring and summer.  We’re ‘purists’ when it comes to gin and wanted to develop something that gin lovers would appreciate

The gin itself?  Like many gins we built Prestwich Gin around the famous five; Juniper, Coriander, Angelica root, Orris root and Liquorice.

Juniper is present as the predominant botanical and it is this that imparts the classic piney taste of gin. Coriander delivers Citrus notes. Angelica root has an earthy flavour but also enhances the piney/citrus flavours of the Juniper and coriander.

Orris root provides floral and perfumed notes and acts as a fixative for the other aromatic flavours. Liquorice root adds a combination of dryness and sweetness.

We wanted our gin to have a fresh zesty, citrus taste so we chose bitter Orange and pink Grapefruit peels. Cassia bark gives a vanilla-like scent with a spicy cinnamon note. Almond gives the gin a smooth mouthfeel. And finally, we added the floral element, a combination of Lavender, Rose, and a hint of Cardamom.