Never A Bordeauxing Moment - Saturday 5th December at 7:30pm - (3 Full Bottles - To Share)


The price includes 3 x full bottles of Bordeaux and 3 x portions of British cheesetasting notes and access to our exclusive zoom tasting event with sommeliers George Bergier and Nick Fildes. It is designed to be shared between at least two people.

Some of the finest and most expensive wines in the world come from Bordeaux. And with that comes certain reputations, some of which aren’t exactly welcome. But we’re not here to talk about the reputations, GB & Fildesy are here to talk about amazing liquids. We are going to profile three great value for money Bordeaux (not something you hear/read that often) in the form of a white, a Right-Bank and a Left-Bank, the significance of which will be explained when we crack them open. It isn’t often that an opportunity arises to taste through some great Bordeaux so needless to say the chaps are very much looking forward to this....especially when you stick “Grand Cru” on the end of a label!

At the Chop Houses we are blessed with the expertise of Manchester's Top Sommelier Mr George Bergier and his protégé Mr Nick Fildes. As well as the city's best wine list. As recognised by our unprecedented 4 Wine Spectator Awards and The Guardian.

It seems a shame to keep that talent and quality locked away.

Our virtual tastings give you the chance to sample beautiful, award-winning & rare wines, guided by George & Nick and their industry leading palates. The experience is intimate, fun and unique. You get the chance to engage with some incredible produce and some incredible talent.

This is not just some wine & some cheese.

Each wine is a truly beautiful example. From some of the world's most esteemed producers and regions. Variety is the spice of life, and this range of wines embodies this.

Your order will be delivered a day before the event. 

Make sure you refrigerate your whites, leave your reds in a cool room (18/19 degrees is ideal) and take the cheese out of the fridge at least 2/3 house before the event.


Chateau Sainte-Marie, Bordeaux Blanc, Entre-Deux-Mers, Bordeaux, 2018
Chateau Valon Rouge, Pessac-Leognan, Bordeaux, 2015
Chateau Orisse du Casse, St-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux, 2016