M.A.N Family Wines, Pinotage, Bosstok, South Africa, 2018


MAN Family Wines, Bosstok, Pinotage, South Africa, 2018 The nation’s very own hearty red, created in 1925 by crossing Cinsault and Pinot Noir. Curiously, that cross has produced something much beefier than either of its parents. The variety does get a bad rep sometimes, but we tend to think that it’s down to people wanting the much older varietals…which is funny seeing as this is nearly 100 years old. South Africa makes up for around 98% of the worlds production of this “hybrid”, it can be found in New Zealand, Brazil and in the USA, but in very small doses. This Pinotage is juicy, concentrated and silky with hints of spice.


Black cherry. Plum. Fig. Hint of menthol herb and quite a bit of BBQ steak.


All of the above. Beefy but fresh. Nice acidity. Hint of earthiness and a cinnamon spice finish.