Juan Gil, Dry Muscat, Jumilla, Spain, 2020


 Where to start really? Muscat is arguably the most historic grape known to mankind and there are over 200 varieties in it’s family. It was the favoured quaffing tackle of the Ancient Egyptians, Persians and of course, the legendary Macedonian, Alexander the Great. It is also one of the only varieties that has a “grape-like” profile when tasting it, which if you think about it, is quite bizarre. Why don’t more wines taste of grapes? The region of Jumilla (just inland from Alicante and Murcia) is extremely warm but also has some steep slopes that give the vineyards some elevation, which is incredibly important if you don’t want to create grape jam in hot areas. This wine is rich yet very refreshing…and feels like a proper “happy” wine. Scrummy!


Very aromatic. Grapes. Lychee. Kiwi. Melon. Peach. Jasmine.


Pink grapefruit. Grapes. Turkish delight. Rose petal. Sweet spice. Baked apples. Rich and intense. This is a great back-garden wine.