E. Pira, Dolcetto d’Alba Organic, Piemonte, Italy, 2019


Delicious Dolcetto from a positively minute winery. As a wine, dolcetto used to be seen as “early to market” products, basically to get some Lira rolling in whilst they aged and created the Nebbiolo... so the Gin to Barolo’s single malt Whisky effectively. But that isn’t to say that Dolcetto isn’t a lovely wine in its own right, thriving on the light, sandy, calcerous Tufo soil in the region. One of the perfect antipasti wines and pairs wonderfully with some cold cuts and cheese, just after you’ve taken your passeggiata (a social stroll) around the streets of Torino.


Perfumed. Black cherry, blackberries and plums.


Vibrant ripe fruits. Red plums and cherry. Hint of liquorice and sweet prune. Low acidity but fine tannins gives the wine a real lift.

Lighter starter courses, white meat (pork and chicken), antipasti, cured meats and aged cheeses.