Don David, El Esteco, Tannat, Cafayate, Salta, Argentina, 2018


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A fairly "old" winery here from the "New World" – formed in 1892. Right up north in the region of Salta, near the town of Cafayate. Tannat’s first home is in Madiran, S.W France, a little bit like Malbec which is originally from the Cahors region in a similar part of France. As a grape it can be known to be a bit of a brute, with big tannins, acidity and a very full-body (in fact, on a trip to Portugal a few years back a wine maker told me how he used it like we use salt and pepper in cooking “to season the wine”). But when it’s treated with respect and a bit of oak, it can soften the harshness and create a rich, well rounded animal.


Blackcurrant. Clove. Earthy. Vanilla. Chocolate.


Violet. Black fruits. Warm spice. Milk chocolate. Woody. Sweet vanilla.