Domaine Brusset, Les Boudalles, Ventoux Rouge, Rhône Valley, France, 2019


The beautiful Boudalles vineyard on the slopes of the Mont Ventoux near Carpentras supplies the grapes for this wine. Thankfully, no Tour de France cyclists were hurt in its making. The warm influence of the Levant wine from the eastern Mediterranean, with the cooling effects of altitude (plus the equally crucial Mistral wind which blows down the valley), tend to produce rich, full bodied wines that keep the balance spot on, where acidity and freshness is concerned. A brilliant AOC if you like something from off the beaten track. Spot on with our lamb kofta balls or the tarka dahl pie.


Very aromatic. Raspberries. Morello cherry. Dark chocolate. Mountain herbs. Palate: All of the above. Sunshine. Happy times. Very elegant. Great value.