Humberto Canale, Old Vineyard Riesling, Patagonia, Argentina, 2015


Patagonia, the land of vast plains, deserts and dinosaurs (well, fossils). And vines, curiously. But what vines they are! The winery itself was formed in 1909, thanks mainly to the arrival of the railway which could ferry people to the southernmost tip of South America. Upon arrival, they discovered that the terroir was unrivalled, with long warm days, cool evenings and wonderful winds. This Riesling was the first planted in the region and the vines date back to 1937. This is seriously old vine wine. The intensity of the nose, the palate, the balance and the elegance. Seriously decent drop this.


Intense. Steely. Lime citrus. Tropical fruits. Rubber.


White peaches. Lemon & lime. Pineapple. Minerality. Lovely acidity.