Chef Darek's Homemade Lamb Kofta Balls


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Another belter for the barbie

These homemade Kofta balls are perfect for this summer weather. Hand made with fresh spring lamb from Yorkshire Dales meats. The meat is minced and mixed with hand chopped fresh mint, finely diced sweet shallots, garlic, ginger and a mixture of herbs and spices.

The secret ingredient is a splash of sparkling spring water for lightness.

Cracking as an add on to our Sam's Great British Summer BBQ Pack.

Mustard, eggs, sulphites, gluten

D’Arenberg, d'Arry's Original, Shiraz & Grenache, McLaren Vale, Australia, 2015


Strawberry. Raspberry. Sweet cherry. Leather. Woody.


Earthy. Maraschino. Sweet tobacco. Rich & powerful.