Maison Favier, Chateauneuf-du-pape, Reserve des Oliviers, Rhone Valley, France


A classic wine from the south of France. Positively versatile for such a juicy wine. 70% Syrah with 30% Grenache.


Raspberry. Juicy red fruits. Black pepper. Rosemary.


Blackcurrant. Cinnamon. Plum. Dark fruit conserve. Fresh acidity.


What George says about this wine...

"A beautiful, typical Grenache nose with plenty of tart, sweet raspberry. The juicy fruit is balanced by refined tannins and lovely acidity. The finish is blackcurrant with a touch of spice. Lovely legs on this wine, it is big, at 15%.

In terms of food pairing it is quite forgiving and versatile, due the tannins and fresh fruit. Try it with chicken in mushroom or red wine sauce, or with a barbeque. For vegetarians this goes well with mushrooms, leeks or cheese based dishes like quiche."

ABV - 15%