Casa da Passarella, A Descoberto Branco, Dão, 2018


Made from arguably Portugal's signature white variety, Encruzado, with a seasoning of Malvasia Fina and Verdelho (the main grape used in the production of the indestructable Madeira). Encruzado is famed for its piercing acidity, but it also brings a lot of texture and body to the party. The winery itself was formed by Portugal born Amand D'Oliveira who made his money in Brazil before returning to his homeland to open this winery in Dão (pronounced “Daan” curiously – I’ll say it during the tasting). Fantastic wine – all we need now is some seafood. Bronze Medal Winner DWWA 2019


Smokey. Minerals. Tropical fruits.


Clean. Elegant. Grapefruit. Red apple. Intense.