Cannonball, Chardonnay, Sonoma County, California, USA, 2017


America is in everyone’s mind right now. Let’s focus on the good things (and stay away from politics). 

When it comes to wine the USA has some big personalities too and they really like to extract some huge flavours from their grapes. This Chardonnay is a perfect example of that. We begin also to see some more of the usual Californian flavours such as banana and butterscotch (a sweet tooth is a little characteristic). But this winery, run by the legendary Yoav Gilat – whose CV is quite remarkable, brings a lot of class to their wines. Nick first tried this wine about five years ago and it became an instant favourite of his. He’s hoping that you’ll love it just as much. Typically, George hosted Yoav for lunch at Sam’s. He knows the wines. He knows the winemakers.

A high scorer (with 91 points in the Ultimate Wine Challenge) and a Gold Medal in the 2019 Sommelier Challenge.


Zippy and lively. Pineapple, peach, baked apple. Banana. Minerality. Buttery vanilla and coconut.


Bold tropical fruits. Lemon curd. Red apple. Peach, melon and pear. Hint of coconut and caramel.

Roast chicken, seafood and light pasta dishes.