Back On The Road Again - The Return of "Weird & Wonderful Wines From Around The World" ~ Thursday June16th @ 6:30pm ~ Wine Tasting @ Sam's


Where do we start? Now don't get us wrong, we love a great Sauvignon Blanc / Merlot as much as the next person but there is so much more to explore out there when it comes to fabulous, tastebud tantalising wines.

This tasting is a dream for anyone with a sense of adventure. 

Join Nick as he calls on the captain of the Chop House Gulfstream jet to fuel up and buckle in for a ride that takes us from Armenia to Germany and then on to Chile and right round back to France to taste some of their finest "off the beaten track" produce. 

Venue: Sam's Chop House

Time: 6:30-7:00pm

Contents: 4 glasses of wine + nibbles

Wines: Armas Voskehat, Armenia, 2018 // Weingut Weegmuller, Scheurebe, Trocken, 2020 // Vina Perez Cruz 'Cot Limited Edition', Valle de Maipo, Chile, 2019 // Domaine Gayrard, Braucol Rouge, Gaillac, France 2019