The ★ Wine Club Subscription


**Price quoted is what you will pay monthly**

Like Michelin stars, our star system denotes superb quality, whether you choose ★, ★ or ★. Our sommeliers try every single wine we send out in our subscriptions. Nick & George sit down every month with a new range of samples and include only our absolute favourites.

"We do not ever include anything we didn't thoroughly enjoy."

Your first case will be delivered at the start of the month after you sign up. And delivery is included in the price.

Our ★ subscriptions explore unsung wine heroes. In many ways this subscription involves the most intrepid exploration of any of our plans.

We venture off the beaten track, to less “mainstream” regions to find you fantastic rare wines at amazing price points.

This plan is perfect for someone who wants to broaden their horizons. There is a world of superb wine to explore and we go to great lengths with these plans to bring you fantastic quality with unbeatable value for money.

This model gives you stand out examples from some of the world's more unsung regions. Filled with award winners, artisan small quantity makers and lesser-known grape varieties.

Simply choose your number of bottles per delivery (four or six) and your delivery frequency. 

Perhaps the most exciting model we offer. Full of beautiful quality and gems which don't carry the price tags befitting their quality (YET).

Trade up to the mixed 4 to get a step up in wine quality, without spending any more.

This model is perfect for someone who wants to experience the next step up in quality with their wines, without needing to increase their spend. You are getting 4 wines which are a step up from the mixed 6 at the same price.

Your subscription means a huge amount to us. And because of this we like to give you some little extra perks for signing up.

  • Bespoke tasting notes & video discussions of each wine
  • Recommendations for food pairing
  • Access to regular “Meet the Maker” webinars
  • Access to exclusive winery visits and tours with our team
  • Free entry into competitions to win meals, wine experiences, winery visits and more

You can amend your subscription at any time. Just send us an email. If you'd like to press pause, extend your delivery intervals or change your model, just send us a message and we'll happily arrange for you.