Omero, Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA, 2016


A fantastic wine that has only been in production since 2008. Along with two other wineries in the Willamette Valley, they focus on producing terroir-driven “postcode” wines which show off the specific hallmarks and individual qualities of pockets of land in the region. The makers use native yeasts to start fermentation, harvest from their volcanic soils and choose not to filter or use sulphites and pesticides. This is all about the collective effort – one of the reasons we like this wine so much.  A mix of young and old vines, to keep the wine fresh and crisp, yet bringing a lovely depth of flavour to the party.


Raspberry and wild strawberry. Subtle oaky vanilla. Elderflower. Hint of classic Pinot Noir earthiness. 


Bursting with fresh red fruits and typical lively acidity. Strawberry and rhubarb. Hint of white pepper. Much livelier than its Californian fruit bomb neighbours (nothing wrong with those, but this is more European). Crunchy acidity with fantastic length.