Kayra, Buzbag, Okuzgozu-Bogazkere, Anatolia, Turkey, 2018


A hit from our EUROVISION tasting.

Kayra produces premium wines from the Anatolia region and is at the cutting edge of winemaking. The wines are made from unique local varieties as well as international ones. These ancient indigenous varieties are being vinified using modern techniques and are producing award-winning results.

The vines are planted in the best sites and the vineyards and wineries have been significantly invested in. The Elaziğ winery, located in Eastern Anatolia, was established in 1942 and is dedicated entirely to the production of red wines.

The grapes are grown in Elazığ, Eastern Anatolia and Diyarbakır, south-eastern Anatolia, where the climate is continental with cold winters and hot summers. The vineyards sit at an altitude of 900 metres above sea level and are made up of red stony and clay soils and the vines are between 15 to 20 years old.

Here we have a blend of Okuzgozu (‘O-Kuz-goez-zu’) (73%) and Bogazkere (Boaz-ker-A) (27%) which blend harmoniously. The acidity of the Okuzgozu and the tannins of the Bogazkere dance together to create a fruit driven and spicy wine that we could chug back an awful lot of given the chance.


Rustic but fruity. Earthy. Sour cherry, red berry fruit, ripe plum. Sweet spices like cinnamon, with a touch of milk chocolate.


Again, all of the above. Medium body with pleasant structure. Nice and easy. Definitely can imagine being sat in a restaurant on the Aegean coast quaffing a few of these back.