Candido,Tenute Marini, Fiano, Salice Salentino DOP, Italy, 2018


Hello and welcome to the tasting.We are starting our nosey around the south of Italy in Salice Salentino with Fiano, a much underrated grape. Although it is a grape which seems to be popping up more and more, it is still relatively untapped when it comes to the consumer. Whilst this is on the mainland, Sicily produces some incredible Fiano wines which retain the fruit and drinkability but then offer layers of complexity.This isn’t too dissimilar – mixing wonderful fruit flavours but with a serious backbone, showing some great winemaking.The grape itself is definitely ancient Roman, maybe even Greek, but we will come on to that.The name Fiano comes from the latin for “bees” (Apiana) as it would appear they loved nothing more than to fly around the vines.


Aromatic. Apples. Pear and orange peel. Hazelnuts. Hint of floral rosewater.


Apples, pears, peach with a hint of honey. Bags of citrus character and gorgeously refreshing.