16oz Dry Aged Bone-In Rib Eye Steak - Barbecue Upgrade


One HELL of a Steak

This is a huge 16oz (450g) bone-in rib eye steak. The French would call it a Côte de Boeuf. But we aren't in France. 

This is Manchester. And this is MEGA.

We recommend it medium rare, but serve as you wish.

The perfect way to upgrade your barbecue.

Allergen free

We recommend our 16oz bone-in ribeye with:

Bois Boudran Barbecue Sauce

Made in the style of the Roux brothers' classic. This barbecue sauce is perfect with grilled meats.


Chef Paul's Homemade Potato Salad

A perfect barbecue side dish. Homemade with British new potatoes, homemade mayo, fresh watercress and chives.


Chop House Chips

The chips are created using potatoes from Massey's, a local family owned farm. The result of our triple cooking process leaves a crisp chip with a wonderfully fluffy interior.


Homemade Peppercorn Sauce

Packed with punch, dripping in indulgence. We start with a steak pan with delicious steak juices and fond which is deglazed with brandy. Fresh double cream is added and a mixture of cracked and whole peppercorns.

Andreas Shiraz, Wellington, Western Cape, South Africa, 2017

"I have visited Andreas in 2016 and was most impressed with the 13 hectare (4.5 under vine) estate. The 2017 Shiraz is powerful, full bodied, with very expressive nose of spice, roasted nuts, caramel and dry prunes. On the palate we have sweet ripe red fruits, spice and crushed black pepper. On the finish the wine is long with medium tannins, fruity and complex." - Our Head Sommelier, George Bergier


Maison Favier, Chateauneuf-du-pape, Reserve des Oliviers, Rhone Valley, France


Raspberry. Juicy red fruits. Black pepper. Rosemary.


Blackcurrant. Cinnamon. Plum. Dark fruit conserve. Fresh acidity.




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